Different Green Energy Sources And Their Benefits To You And Mother Earth

TIP! Consider outdoor lighting, such as garden or patio lighting, that is solar-powered. These lamps are very cheap, as they require no external power source, just the sun.

You may not know what green energy really is, and you are …

How You Can Choose The Right Lighting Options For Green Living

TIP! You can make a difference and save energy simply by taking steps to use less energy every day. If an appliance is not in use, unplug it.

You may have heard about green energy before, but you are not …

Why Are Green Energy Sources Better Than Others?

TIP! When you are away from home, use window coverings. This cools the house and cuts energy costs.

You might hear people talk about green technology, even though all your friends and neighbors are talking about it. This is the …

Green Energy Advice That Can Make A Difference

Read this article for great tips on conserving the energy technology in your own home.

Solar water heaters use the sun’s heat to warm water resulting in energy savings. You may get tax deductions for using energy efficient upgrades.